• The App

    It’s free and you can set it up in  minutes - just register your personal and bank details.  The App does the rest for you.  Security is our absolute priority. Your details are safe with us, they are stored on our secure servers with bank-level security in 256 bit encryption.  We do not store your bank logins. Privacy: we will not pass your details to any third party or use them for any advertising purpose. See our Privacy Policy.

  • Your Small Change

    You decide how much Small Change you want to save each time you spend - a fixed amount each time you spend (e.g. 20 pence) or a round-up to the next 50 pence or £1. Each time you buy a cup of coffee or do  some shopping, for anything less than £30, the App looks at your expense and calculates how much Small Change you have saved. At the end of the week this amount is debited from your bank account and transferred to your savings account.

  • Your Savings

    You savings automatically go into a cash savings account with a major fully regulated bank, and are guaranteed under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to £75,000 (see FSCS website). When you feel ready, you can transfer part or all of your savings into an Investment ISA and later this year we will be offering a further option, the Lifetime ISA which provides a 25% bonus on top of your savings (full details here). The account is set up for you when you sign up, you don't have to do anything further. Full details of the bank ans investment manager will be available when they are appointed.